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SA360 Offline Conversion Tracking

Simply Business is one of the UK’s largest business and landlord insurance providers with a strong focus on using technology and data to drive rapid growth. Specializing in small businesses, the company has helped 3 million customers in that sector since 2005.


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The Challenge

Simply Business onboarded Search Ads 360 and restructured their Campaign Manager account to gather more data from their marketing activity and website. However, the nature of the business means a significant percentage of conversions happen offline, and that data was not connected and could not be used for bidding.

How we helped

This gave Brainlabs a big opportunity to close the data gap by connecting the rich, offline information with that already being captured from online transactions. We also helped Simply Business to implement the automatic upload of offline data and get the most out of the new tool through additional tracking, training and more detailed analysis to help inform future strategy.

Phase 1: Explore

  • Scope the technical and data collection requirements to build an automatic tool for uploading offline conversions
  • Deliver training on using offline conversions within SA360, including Custom Columns and Bid Strategies

Phase 2: Implement

  • Add new tracking to online and offline quotes and sales to enable reporting on individual types of insurance (e.g. business liability, professional indemnity, private health etc.)
  • Add floodlights and custom variables to the setup, including business type, specific jobs and company size

The Results

By adding offline data into the GMP platform, Simply Business now has a full picture of all customer transactions and can track, analyze and report on nine different touch points from homepage to conversion, online or offline.

This also allows Simply Business to bid for all types of conversions using a consistent set of KPIs, and this had an immediate positive impact with an increase of 17% in overall quote volume with an associated 20% decrease in cost per quote.

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  • 1910%

    increase display conversion rate year on year


    increase in revenue from display year on year


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    saved per week on builds and manual bid changes

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