Campaign Manager 360

Google Marketing Platform’s nerve center for campaign tracking, audiences, verification, and reporting.

Connects all the dots

Accurately measure and attribute your activity with Campaign Manager 360

Use Campaign Manager to record data from numerous platforms both within and external to the GMP ecosystem. Record data from SA360 and DV360 to see the impact of your upper funnel activity, bring in data from affiliates, email campaigns, social and more.

CM360 features
The bells & whistles

Cross platform tracking

Track multiple cross channel platforms in a single location- affiliates, social, search, display and more

Customisable attribution models

Choose and compare attribution models, from last click through to intelligent DDA modelling to gain insight into your activity.


Use IAB standard definitions of viewability for reporting and go further using ActiveView and ActiveView+ from Google

Unique reach reporting

Measure people not cookies to see the unique users you have reached. Accuracy is ensured using Google's own User Graph including device data for cross-device measurement and attribution

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