Search Ads 360

Search Ads 360 helps marketers and agencies plan, buy and measure huge search marketing campaigns across multiple engines and media channels

Time to level up

Use data and automation to maximise your returns from search activity

Record and report on up to 200 custom variables in platform. Increased granularity and data depth power insights into your customers and business as well as allowing you to use SA360's features to their maximum potential. Additionally benefit from advanced attribution, view multiple attribution models and connect with data from other platforms, like Facebook and Google's Display Video 360.

SA360 features
Muscle for your marketing

Floodlight tags

Floodlights are sophisticated tracking pixels. They allow you to gather data on the whole customer journey, both online and offline and then feed that data into your bid strategies and automated workflows. These deeper data also allow more granular and meaningful reporting. Key to this extra functionality are custom variables. For a retailer this can mean seeing and reporting on all items that were in the basket, the colors and styles bought or even if this is a repeat customer. In other cases all the details in a form can be recorded and the outcome of a offline conversation can be uploaded after the fact to track lead outcomes.

Cross platform workflows

Search Ads 360 brings Google Ads, Yahoo! Japan, Yahoo! Gemini, Baidu, and Microsoft Ads into one place so you can quickly make large-scale changes to campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and ads across multiple platforms from one interface


As bidding has become more automated it can feel like you've lost some control over your performance. SA360 enables you to customise your bidding objective to your business' needs, empowering you to drive meaningful results whilst still using Smart Bidding algorithms designed by Google. Use powerful offline upload features to optimise towards online and offline revenues, or weight your revenue from sales by factors you know to be important to your business. For example you might wish to drive more repeat customers, by utilising custom variables you can teach SA360 to bid more for those who have been on the site already.

Inventory Management

SA360 allows you to automate the building and updating of campaigns, ad groups, keywords and ads from a feed. This means that campaigns or new sets of keywords can be launched faster and the activity which you have live is always up to date (think automatically turning off terms when you run out of stock of a product or seats on a flight). You can also change your copy more quickly using templates, so no more messing around for hours in Google Ads Editor!

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