Analytics 360

A powerful solution to help you collect, measure, and analyze data from visitors to your website or apps

Muscle for your marketing

Get a complete picture of your digital marketing performance with GA360

Measure customer behaviour across your apps and websites to determine and attribute this to campaigns to determine which marketing strategies are most effective at delivering business value at every step of the customer journey.

Analytics 360 features
Exclusive to Analytics 360

First party data capture

Google Analytics collects data in a first party context, giving you full ownership and mitigating impact of third party cookie blocking.

Combined App & Web Reporting

A unified data schema across app and web tracking allow you to save time on reporting capturing all data under one platform.

Predictive Metrics

Out-of-the-box prediction of customer likelihood to purchase allows you to focus your remarketing spend on customers most likely to convert in future.

GMP Audience Integrations

Activate your customer insights with targeted audiences across Campaign Manager 360 and with personalised experiments in Optimize 360 to delivered tailored messaging to your customers.

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