Looker Studio (Data Studio)

Stop sharing monster spreadsheets with stakeholders. Use Looker Studio instead and turn your data into easy-to-read and easy-to-digest reports that anyone can understand.

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Track key KPIs, visualize trends, and compare performance over time.

Being able to convey the true value of your marketing activity is key to getting stakeholder buy-in. Looker Studio (Data Studio) makes it easy to build interactive and easy-to-digest reports so you can clearly show how results are contributing to wider business goals.

Data Studio features

Quick dashboard creation

What you see is what you get editor to speed creation of dashboards

Easy sharing

With Data Studio you can grant sharing access to specific people, teams or your whole organisation – you have total control over who views your information

Beautiful design and community visualisations

Out the box elegance with the customisation of 3rd party chart types means making an impressive looking report is easier than ever

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