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Build media plans, execute campaigns, negotiate inventory deals, manage audiences, monitor spend, and optimize results all in one place.

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Grow your reach and inspire your customers with DV360

DV360 has access to inventory from every major DSP worldwide and also has exclusive rights over YouTube and the Google Display Network. Across these a wide array of buying types are there to suit your needs and provide to access premium advertising space. These include: open auction, preferred deals, tag-based IOs, Private market place and guaranteed inventory. Overlaying this are audiences and contextual signals from one of the biggest data owners in the world - Google. These include affinity, in-market and demographic data. If this wasn't enough, audience lists can be bought from 3rd party provides directly in the platform and 1st party data can be uploaded as well with unrivalled match rates using Google's User Graph. All this means that you have the ability to find your customer where they are and serve them with relevant and impactful creative.

DV360 features
All the trimmings

Unrivalled inventory & audiences

YouTube, GDN, PubMatic, martb, SPOTX, Teads, Rubicon, index exchange, freewheel, appnexus, mopub and more! Utilise Google's customer data as your own through in-market segments, affinity, custom intent and demographic data. You can also have 1st party data uploads and access to 3rd party audience lists to broaden or deepen your audiences.

Diverse buying formats

From the open auction to tag-based IOs DV360 offers flexibility and security in the auction. Premium inventory can be bid upon as well through Private auctions, preferred deals and Google's own Programmatic Guaranteed.

Custom bidding algorithms

Tailor bidding objectives to your goals through weighting different parts of the customer journey, giving DV360 enough data to optimise, but focus on the actions which matter most to your business

Brand safety controls

Fraud protection, ads.txt only inventory, MRC-accredited metrics including impressions, viewability and invalid traffic detection, Brand Quality hub focusing on auditing and controlling brand safety settings & full integration with 3rd party verification platforms.

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