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Distrelec increases efficiency through automated SA360 inventory management

Distrelec distributes electronics, automation, measurement technology, IT, and accessories in Europe. They are in 18 territories and have a product catalog ranging in the 100,000s of SKUs.


increase in conversions based on a before and after test


increase in spending from increased keyword coverage


saved per week on builds and manual bid changes

The Challenge

Distrelec’s account management team was spending more than 16 hours per month building out new keywords to cover their changing product catalog. And it was taking almost as long to find and pause SKUs no longer in stock. Distrelec recognized this was very inefficient and their goal was to reduce this time to near-zero.

Distrelec also had items which were a priority to be visible for on the SERP, but given the number of products and time taken on other tasks, this was falling by the wayside, despite it being a business priority.

How we helped

Inventory management campaigns in Search Ads 360
Brainlabs proposed using Inventory Management campaigns in SA360 both to build out new keywords and to pause those which were no longer in stock.

Customized Search Ads A360 bidding using Brainlabs technology
We recommended utilizing the Inventory Feed feed to mark out high-priority products and those which were new. The latter often get lost when you’re bidding manually in a large account and so they never get the chance to perform.

Brainlabs then built a custom script to label those products in SA360. We then used rule-based bidding within the SA360 platform to alter these product’s bids to answer the challenge set by Distrelec.

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