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OnePlus grows their global display campaigns with DV360

OnePlus is a high-growth tech company with offices across the globe. OnePlus partnered with Brainlabs to build a scalable, unified global marketing function and to boost sales of their range of mobile phones.


increase display conversion rate year on year


increase in revenue from display year on year


increase in conversions year on year

The Challenge

With marketing spend increasing exponentially, OnePlus needed to adopt a tech stack that would allow them to build campaigns on a global scale.

Display & Video 360 (DV360) was proposed. It provides greater performance and scalable management compared to Google Ads. DV360 was tested in North America during the launch of the 7T phone and compared to a similar launch of the 6T in the previous year. Here’s what happened next…

How we helped

Utilized high-quality app inventory
A significant volume of display ads served on Google Ads were appearing on apps that were converting poorly (likely due to poor user experience). When transitioning to DV360 we tested blocking the majority of app inventory, except a few trusted apps, and found that conversion rates increased significantly.

Implemented strict brand safety settings
We leveraged the tighter controls available in DV360 to prevent ads from appearing on inappropriate content. Live content is often not brand-safe and it was particularly important to OnePlus, who have an active gaming community, that brand safety related to livestreams was controlled. By using DV360, OnePlus were able to stop serving ads alongside live content and to choose a more suitable inventory – while still targeting the same audience.

Crafted audience strategies
OnePlus initially had a limited retargeting structure. We helped them to expand this by creating a custom floodlight setup which meant we could bid based on the recency of a visit and the user internet. Similar audiences were then created so we could target new users likely to have an affinity with the OnePlus brand.

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  • 71%

    increase in conversions based on a before and after test


    increase in spending from increased keyword coverage


    saved per week on builds and manual bid changes

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  • 4.4x

    ROI Lift


    Reduction in eCPA


    Increase in Conversion Rate

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