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Multi-Market Expansion With Festive Results

Walmart Canada, a subsidiary of Walmart US, is one of the largest retail and grocery department store chains in Canada. They currently operate over 400 stores nationwide serving 1.2 million customers every day. Their online store is visited by over 750,000 customers daily.


ROI Lift vs control


Revenue generated by display within 5-9 days


Total revenue generated from display group

The Challenge

Walmart Canada knew that continuing to engage their customers after signing up to their email communications increased customer retention and their overall LTV. However, 67% of email subscribers never opened an email. Therefore, they wanted to understand how they could target these customers via other channels.

How we helped

  • Developed an automated data pipeline to extract ‘Unopened’ email users from Salesforce Marketing Cloud into Google Cloud for processing and, using Data Import, automatically populate GA360 audiences for remarketing.
  • A test/control experiment was conducted in DV360 to evaluate conversion lift among exposed audiences.



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  • 1910%

    increase display conversion rate year on year


    increase in revenue from display year on year


    increase in conversions year on year

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  • 71%

    increase in conversions based on a before and after test


    increase in spending from increased keyword coverage


    saved per week on builds and manual bid changes

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