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Developing a personalized programmatic framework

BorgWarner Inc. is an American multinational automotive supplier. It is one of the 25 largest automotive suppliers in the world.


eCPA from personalized dynamic programmatic


Creative production time reduction (dynamic vs. standard display)

The Challenge

BorgWarner is a global product leader in automotive technology. The company’s mission is to deliver innovative and sustainable mobility solutions within the vehicle market. BorgWarner had prioritized B2B publishers and local media to drive brand awareness as they found it hard to reach their niche market effectively through programmatic.

How we helped

BorgWarner wanted to reach their key audiences, including automotive engineers, current customers and potential investors, using display and video as an extension of the direct-purchased print, radio and OOH advertising programs they were conducting with their B2B partners.
Our approach was two-fold:

  • Develop a custom audience planning framework within DV360 to capitalize on and optimize towards BorgWarner’s existing offline audience data, whilst learning more about these audiences are engaging with their content and brand
  • Leverage Brainlabs’ DCO technology to customize messaging for niche audiences such as finance and engineering

We executed our comprehensive dynamic assets by creating an advanced dynamic template. This allowed us to formulate the production of over 240 ad variations tailored to the interests of niche engineering and finance audiences across multiple campaigns. In doing this, we were able to provide huge savings both through increased campaign efficiency and in creative production, while customizing messaging to target the company’s specific audiences. We further strengthened our approach by layering geo-targeting over these campaigns, with specific radius targeting around engineering and financial companies. This added an increased level of confidence that BorgWarner was reaching their desired audience, as well as expanding reach by introducing the brand to newer, untapped firms.

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  • 1910%

    increase display conversion rate year on year


    increase in revenue from display year on year


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