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Audience led Video Creative

Simply Business is one of the UK’s largest business and landlord insurance providers with a strong focus on using technology and data to drive rapid growth. Specializing in small businesses, the company has helped 3 million customers in that sector since 2005.


Increase in brand interest


Increase in prospects


In incremental CPA

The Challenge

In order to grow their existing customer base, Simply Business approached Brainlabs with the challenge of generating high-intent, small business leads through Display, Native and Video upper-funnel branding activity. From this, Brainlabs were tasked to generate audience lists that could easily be reached by Simply Business’ in-house remarketing team at scale.

How we helped

New custom intent audiences were built through DV360 based on keywords and phrases searched, as well as sites previously visited. These were introduced throughout the campaign, resulting in 34 unique audiences, each with different personalities, interests and browsing behaviours. From here, each audience received a creative tailored to the industry with which they were most aligned.

To prove this approach worked, a geographic testing strategy was devised that aimed to show whether programmatic activity was having measurable uplift in specific regions. After selecting eight similar locations, we allocated 15% of our campaign budget towards these geo tests, and began to simultaneously turn off ads in one location, while leaving them on in the other.

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  • 1910%

    increase display conversion rate year on year


    increase in revenue from display year on year


    increase in conversions year on year

    OnePlus grows their global display campaigns with DV360

    OnePlus is a high-growth tech company with offices across the globe. OnePlus partnered with Brainlabs to build a scalable, unified global marketing function and to boost sales of their range of mobile phones.

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  • 71%

    increase in conversions based on a before and after test


    increase in spending from increased keyword coverage


    saved per week on builds and manual bid changes

    Distrelec increases efficiency through automated SA360 inventory management

    Distrelec distributes electronics, automation, measurement technology, IT, and accessories in Europe. They are in 18 territories and have a product catalog ranging in the 100,000s of SKUs.

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