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Bidding strategies comparison just got cross-channel with this Search Ads 360 script

By Caitlin Rozario

16th December, 2021

This script makes comparing bidding strategies quick and easy: and even better, it’s cross-channel! Last year, we published a script to help you compare and monitor performance of manual, automatic and Smart Bidding strategies and take a bit of the stress out of choosing the right strategy for you.

Here’s a summary of what this script can do for you:

  • Using predefined metrics, you can monitor the performance of an array of bidding strategies
  • It can then analyse a number of automated and manual bidding strategies, Manual CPC, Manual CPV and Manual CPM to name a few
  • With Smart Bidding, it can look at Target CPA, Target ROAS and Maximize Conversions

That was great, but now, it’s even better: this update of the script allows you to do all the same stuff as before, but cross-platform on Search Ads 360. Using this script really will make things a lot more quick and easy!

Remember, as before, the key here is utilising these tools but continuing to test and monitor to see what is right for you.

How to use the script

The set-up for Search Ads 360 scripts is a little more complex than standard Google Ads scripts, but luckily we’ve made you this handy Google Cloud Console step by step guide to make it as easy as possible.

Once you’ve done thatyou need to make a copy of this sheet to get started.

If you don’t know the information needed to fill in the first three columns, navigate to your account in Search Ads360. In the URL, you’ll find your Agency (AY), Advertiser (AV) and Account (EA) IDs.

Note: if you leave the account ID blank, you’ll get the results across the whole advertiser.  In columns E and F, you just need to fill in campaign names based on campaign name filters (bear in mind that this is ‘Or’ conditioned). Then, click on ‘SA360 Report’ on the taskbar to run the tool. Voila!